Red Lip Makeup Tutorial

March 15, 2024


A classic red lip is an icon for a reason. It’s dramatic, sexy, and bold—and everyone should know how to create the perfect red lips. Luckily, we’re sharing exactly which products and techniques you need for juicy red lips guaranteed to wow. Here’s how to start:

Step One: Exfoliate

The perfect red lip requires a great base, and that’s exactly why we start our routine with an exfoliating lip scrub.

  • Glide our Power-Full Lip Scrub in Sweet Guava on to your lips in a circular motion.
  • Leave on for 10 minutes for a quick exfoliating mask.
  • Remove with a dry tissue.

Now that your lips are smooth and kissable, it’s time for a little balm.

Step Two: Hydrate

We’ve made a hydrating lip balm that plumps while it moisturizes because who doesn’t want a little extra volume?

  • Now that your lips are exfoliated, use our Power-Full Lip Balm in the shade Big O for some much-needed hydration.

Once you apply the balm, it reacts with the pH of your lips to bloom into your perfect natural tint.

Step Three: Line

Let the drama begin. In our mind, the perfect red lip means plump red lips and that’s exactly what you can expect with our fan-favorite plumping products.

  • Line your lips with our Power Line™ Plumping Lip Liner in the shade Real Red.
  • Slightly overline the cupid’s bow and center of your bottom lip for a fuller effect.

You’re one step closer to juicy red lips.

Step Four: Color

It wouldn’t be a red lip tutorial without the perfect red lipstick. Luckily, we have you covered.

  • Apply our Full-On™ Satin Lipstick in shade, Red My Lips.
  • Starting from the center and working down to the corners, the custom-curved bullet shape will hug your natural lip contours.

Notice the plumping effects yet? The biomimetic peptides in this formula stimulate collagen, making your lips look smoother, firmer, and well-defined.

Step Five: Plump

Let’s plump up the volume a little.

  • Finish your red lip with our Plump Shot™ Lip Serum in the shade Filler.
  • This clinically shown lip serum will add amazing plump and volume, plus extra shine.

  • Power-Full Lip Scrub - Sweet Guava

    Gently exfoliates, for smooth kissable lips.

  • Power-Full Plump Lip Balm - Big "O"

    Plumping, Moisturizing lip balm.

  • Power Line™ Plumping Lip Liner - Real Red

    Chisel-tip, defines lips, creamy, matte color.

  • Full-On™ Satin Lipstick - Red My Lips

    Creamy, satin lipstick, rich color.

  • Plump Shot™ Lip Serum - Filler

    A clinically-shown plumping lip serum infused with collagen peptides that plumps and smooths lips.