September 20, 2023

Big lips are big news.

Us BUXOM Babes have been hot on everything lips since influencers and celebs alike started sporting pillowy pouts and changed the way we line and design our own kissers. Stating sass and confidence, plumped up lips are the new black.

But not all of our mamas blessed us with big juicy pouts. Sometimes we’ve gotta work a bit harder to make them work.



Creating the illusion of a pillowy pout is time and effort — we’re not always about that. That’s why lip plumpers are kinda a big deal.

With a quick and easy swipe and plump action, lip plumpers sound too good to be true. But we’ve got our #BandofBabe's backs, which is why we’ve got the low-down on how they work to give you the makeup know-how to slay the game.



So, how does lip plumper work?

The secret is stimulation. Formulated with an “irritant”, lip plumpers rouse a swelling reaction for a plumped up appearance. Expect tingling sensations.



Containing blood flow boosting cassia oil, cinnamon is not just for our lattes. Spicing up your lips, the increased blood gives you a fuller, plumper pout. It joins capsaicin (from chillies), menthol, ginger and caffeine, to name a few, on the list of natural lip plumping extracts.

Lip plumping can get more scientific than our average kitchen pantry ingredient though.

Vitamin B3 niacin is a blood vessel dilator. For you non-biology buffs, all you need to know is that your blood vessels widen, giving you a juicier kisser.


College, career, family, bigger lips. Our plans for the future aren’t always conventional, but the heart wants what it wants. If a puckered-up pout is on the horizon, you’ll be in pursuit of a lip plumper that knows how to play the long game.

But how does plumping lip gloss work when it comes to lasting results?

Ingredients that notoriously give us bang for our buck are revolutionizing the lip plumping game.

Working to boost collagen production, shriveled lips are a thing of the past as wrinkles are smoothed and lips softened where peptides are concerned. Just like the BUXOM Full-On™ Lip Polish Gloss, peptide-containing plumpers work to subtly enhance our pout.

Hydrating sodium hyaluronate works to boost our own stores of hyaluronic acid. Attracting water, plumpers with this savvy ingredient will ensure essential moisture is going nowhere fast, keeping our lips voluminous and voluptuous.

Throw in some cell-regenerating vitamin A for a healthy fullness and you’ve got yourself a lip plumper that works.



Lip fillers have been a sought-after solution in the quest for fuller pouts. But gone are the days of relying on invasive surgery.

With the resurgence of popularity for lip plumping products, there’s no reason to go high-risk for beauty. Lip plumpers work with your body, using low risk trusted ingredients to enhance naturally and non-invasively, staying true to you and your bank balance. Extreme lip plumping products are a great non-invasive way to give your lips extra volume. Our Plump Shot™ Lip Serum features a potent volumizing blend of pure vegan collagen, tri-peptides, and hyaluronic acid filling spheres with a plumping tingle that instantly and visibly plump lips and smooth fine lines and wrinkles.



Taking our lips to new pillowy heights requires a few savvy makeup tips that work to further complement our poutier selves.

Define with liner to make a statement, getting extra AF with a peptide-infused formula like the Power Line™ Plumping Lip Liner to make every product count for the pout. Follow with our plumping lip gloss or cream to the center of your lips for added dimension.

Power to the people, power to the plump. Lip plumpers bring BUXOM results to BUXOM Babes, adding literal dimension to all your makeup looks, wherever your creativity takes you.

  • Full-On™ Plumping Lip Polish Gloss

    Plumps lips, Tantalizing tingle, High-shine.

  • Power Line™ Plumping Lip Liner

    Chisel-tip, defines lips, creamy, matte color.

  • Full-On™ Satin Lipstick

    Creamy, satin lipstick, rich color.

  • Full-On™ Plumping Lip Cream Gloss

    Creamy, shimmer-free gloss, Plumps lips.

  • Power-Full Plump Lip Balm

    Plumping, Moisturizing lip balm.