August 30, 2023

There’s one thing we know for certain: BUXOM babes are always looking for new, innovative ways to mix up their makeup. You

There’s one thing we know for certain: BUXOM babes are always looking for new, innovative ways to mix up their makeup. You are looking to fill your cosmetics bag with a handful of old faithfuls and a slew of fun options for when you’re feeling creative.

But you’re not necessarily looking for the latest bestseller or a product your bestie has been raving about. You’re on the hunt for makeup that is designed with *you* in mind: Your skin tone, your eye color, your style, your moods.

This is why we’ve created eyeshadow palettes specifically for your baby blues. Whether you’re looking for a daily go-to or a spicy nighttime look, you'll love these complementary shadow colors guaranteed to make your eyes pop or smolder.



If you’re one of the 8 percent of people in the world born with blue eyes, you better play those gems up. This enviable eye color is enhanced by a wide range of hues, giving you plenty of free rein when building a customizable palette of eyeshadow colors for blue eyes.


Don't be shy when choosing makeup for blue eyes. Your sapphire stunners can handle deep shades of burgundy and purple without disappearing so you can totally carry saturated shadows like POSH PURPLE or PATENT LEATHER.


Make your blue eyes stand out with shimmery shadow. From glittery highlighters to metallic shadows, makeup that catches the light is guaranteed to enhance your bomb eye color. For a dramatic evening look, opt for rose gold or bronze hues with some sparkle and a dramatic winged liner. The warm tones in these shadows offer a punch of contrast and make blue eyes dazzle. If you’re looking to tone things down for a daytime look, you can get the same brightening effect with a luminescent neutral shadow.



If you’re on the hunt for everyday makeup for blue eyes, keep it simple with a single palette that offers matte and shimmer shadows in shades of taupe and gold. These warm browns will fade into the background and allow your beautiful blues to take center stage.



There’s more to nailing your makeup look than simply choosing the right eyeshadow for blue eyes. Killer eye makeup is just as much about the application. When trying out different techniques, don’t forget to prime your skin first and use the proper brushes. This will ensure your hard work lasts from sun up to sun down (and maybe even to sun up again).

Use your eyeshadow colors for blue eyes in creative ways to keep your makeup routine fresh. If you're stuck in a rut, mix things up with monochromatic or smoky looks. You're a BUXOM babe, and we have no doubt you’ll rock these looks for day or night, work or play. Make these eyeshadows for blue eyes your very own and wear them like the confident badass we know you are.


  • Forever Babe Eyeshadow Palette

    12 primer-infused shades for every skin tone.

  • Power Line™ Lasting Eyeliner

    Long-wearing, waterproof, smudge-proof.

  • Empty Eyeshadow Palette

    A customizable, refillable palette.

  • Single Eyeshadow Bar

    Primer-infused, powerfully pigmented.

  • BUXOM® Lash Volumizing Mascara

    Volumizing, defines and lengthens.

  • BUXOM® Lash Waterproof Volumizing Mascara

    Waterproof, increases volume, holds curl.