Dolly's Mocktail Mixer

Indulge in our Dolly's Mocktail Mixer collection of scented lip gloss, including Pumpkin Spice Lip Gloss and Vanilla Lip Gloss. Combine these deliciously fragrant lip glosses with Plumping Lip Liner and fall in love with its 8-hour, feather-free wear. Pair with our Rosy-Bronze Plumping Lip Polish or Creamy Rosewood Lip Cream Plumper for fuller, fabulous lips.

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    Savvy Sienna

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    Dolly's Mocktail Mixer Power Line Plumping Lip Liner - Savvy Sienna

    A limited-edition captivating burnt nude shade of our chisel-tip plumping lip liner that shapes and defines with creamy matte color.

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Scented Lip Gloss FAQs

What type of looks can be made with these scented lip glosses? 

Some of our favorite makeup looks can be created with these new lip glosses, including latte makeup, pumpkin spice girl, bold eyeliner, and a nude glossy lip. Luckily, this new lip gloss collection is designed to complete every each of these makeup trends. 

What aromas are available in this line of scented lip glosses? 

The Dolly's Mocktail Mixer lineup includes scents like vanilla, pumpkin spice, butterscotch, and apple cider. It’s all your favorite scents in a plumping lip gloss that provides clinically-proven volume.

Out of these lip glosses that smell good, what are the most popular? 

Our most popular lip gloss that smells good is our signature vanilla scent, however the pumpkin spice lip gloss is a close second. Both are sweet, tantalizing, and create oh-so-juicy lips.

How long are these new lip glosses good for? 

Most lip glosses are good for 6-12 months, however with how addicting these scents are, we think you’ll go through them much faster. 

Do guys like scented lip gloss? 

Here’s the thing: Scented lip gloss is for you to love! When you’re applying our sweet-smelling lip gloss shades, you can expect scents like butterscotch, vanilla, pumpkin spice, and apple cider along with the stunning, plumping effects Buxom is known for. Whether you’re creating a kissable pout or not, flavored lip gloss is a must-try product.

Dolly’s Mocktail Mixer: Lip Gloss That Smells Good

Imagine getting all the flavor of your favorite cocktails with the scent to match. That’s what our sweet-smelling lip gloss launch is all about. Think Pumpkin Spice White Russian, Apple Cider Mule, or shots of Bailey Butterscotch. Wear each lip gloss on its own or with an extra layer of plumping polish–and don’t skip out on the perfect plumping lip liner in shade Savvy Sienna