How to Get the Best Mauve Eyeshadow Look

April 08, 2024

Endless. Eye. Potential. Especially when it comes to our cult-favorite shade, Dolly. Go ahead, make them stare at those mesmerizing mauve eyes.

How to Apply Mauve Eyeshadow:

Step 1: Power Line™ Lasting Eyeliner in DEMURE DOLLY, a shimmering mauve waterproof and smudge-proof eyeliner and has 12-hour wear

  • Line the upper lash line and create a graphic wing.
  • Add dimension to the inner eye by adding another line following your eye shape.

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    Demure Dolly

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    Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars

    Power Line™ Lasting Eyeliner

    Long-wearing, waterproof, smudge-proof.

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      GBP £21.00

Step 2: Forever Babe Eyeshadow Palette using the mauve eyeshadow palette, "BOLD, Express Yourself"

  • Apply EMPOWERED to the entire lid.
  • Using UNSTOPPABLE (light mauve) diffuse the eyeliner to the edges.
  • Intensify eyeliner with TAKE RISKS (dark mauve), also bringing the shade along the lower lash line.
  • Sweep YOUR TERMS on the lower lash line to enhance the sparkle of your eye.

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    Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars

    Forever Babe Eyeshadow Palette

    12 primer-infused shades for every skin tone.

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Step 3: Buxom® Lash Volumizing Mascara

  • Coat your upper and lower lashes for a fanned-out effect.

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    Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars

    BUXOM® Lash Volumizing Mascara

    Volumizing, defines and lengthens.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What color eyes look good with mauve eyeshadow?

Mauve eyeshadow looks can complement and enhance a variety of eye colors. Discover what mauve eyeshadow can do for your eye color:

  • Brown Eyes: Look richer and more vibrant. The purple tones complement the warmth of brown eyes, creating a sultry and sophisticated appearance.
  • Green Eyes: The purple undertones complement green eyes, making the green color pop and appear more striking.
  • Hazel Eyes: Mauve eyeshadow highlights the different colors within hazel eyes, bringing out both the green and brown flecks.
  • Blue Eyes: Mauve eyeshadow creates a beautiful contrast that can make blue eyes stand out without overpowering them.

Is mauve more pink or purple?

Mauve is a mix of both pink and purple. If you had to choose one, it leans a bit more towards purple with a hint of pink.