How to get a Juicy Plum Lip Look

May 10, 2024

When it comes to lip color, red may be the classic choice, but plum is the sexy alternative that adds a touch of vampiness to your look. Not quite as bold as black, plum strikes the perfect balance between daring and approachable. If you're ready to switch up your lip game, try this easy plum lip. 

How to Achieve the Perfect Plum Pout

Start with Power Line lip liner in the shade Powerful Plum.To create a poutier look, start by slightly overdrawing your lips in the center with the lip liner. This technique helps to create the illusion of fuller lips without going overboard. Next, carefully line your lips following their natural shape, ensuring a precise outline. Once your lips are lined, fill them in with the lip liner for a rich, pigmented base. Don't forget to use the brush end of the dual-sided pencil to smooth out any lines or edges for a flawless finish.

Finishing Touch with Full-On Lip Polish Gloss

After you've perfected your plum base with the Power Line lip liner, it's time to add some shine with the Full-On Lip Polish Gloss in the shade Gabby. This gloss adds a high-shine finish to your lips, making them look luscious and irresistible. Simply apply the gloss over the lip liner for a stunning, multi-dimensional look. The combination of the Powerful Plum lip liner and the Gabby lip gloss creates a dynamic duo that will take your lip game to the next level.