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Plumping Without Pain

All Gain No Pain

Whoever said beauty is pain has been missing out. We care about your pleasure, which is why we decided to take away the burn and replace it with a tantalizing tingle.

Power is in the Peptides

Our Plumping Peptides paired with Hyaluronic acid boost collagen production and achieve your lips’ fullest potential.

Feel Cool, Look Hot

Pain? We don't know her. Our lip plumpers and glosses transform your pout and stimulate your senses with an addictive cooling sensation, sans the sting.


We care about your pleasure, which is why we decided to take away the burn and replace it with a tantalizingly cool tingle in all of our plumping products. That’s true of our plumping lip liner, too.

Pioneering Plump

It feels good to be on the cutting edge. Literally - our NEW Plump Shot™ Collagen Peptides Advanced Plumping Blush is the first to visibly plump cheeks by 25%* without pain or appointments. (*Based on a US clinical study with 30 people). Pair it with our matte lip plumper for mega plump action.



  • PLUMPING Newbie

    Our Power-full Plump Lip Balm blooms to a custom tint while delivering pillowy and supple lips.


    Our cult-fave, Full-On™ Plumping Lip Gloss plumps up the volume and shine with a tantalizing tingle.


    Achieve your plumpest pout ever with our Plump Shot™ Collagen-Infused Lip Serum that visibly plumps lips by 18%*. *In a U.S. clinical study of 30 people. Live Chat:


What lip plumper does not sting?

The Buxom lip plumpers never sting because we’ve replaced the burn associated with most lip plumpers to a cooling, addictive tingle. Try a lip gloss set, cream lipstick, matte lipstick, or our lip liners for the full plumping effect

How can I plump my lips without needles?

With our plumping peptides, you can achieve a seriously plumped pout with no needles and no pain. With just one swipe, you’ll notice visibly juicier lips with a big plumping effect.

Does collagen make lips plumper?

Yes, by increasing collagen, you essentially increase firmness and volume in your lips. That’s why we formulated our lip plumpers to include collagen peptides that deliver results you can see instantly.

Is lip plumper healthy for your lips?

Because our lip plumpers are formulated with collagen peptides, nourishing Vitamin E and other hydrating botanicals, it’s safe to use everyday and offers moisturizing benefits along with the plump.

What are the side effects of plump Shot lip plumper?

The side effect of using our Plump Shot Lip Plumper include the best pout you’ve ever seen. See for yourself how effective our collagen peptides really are at giving you the lips you’ve always wanted.

How much blush is enough?

Some may say the limit does not exist–and we couldn’t agree. Especially when you’re using our plumping blush which delivers extra volume with no fillers. Combined with our collagen lip plumper, you can kiss your botox bill goodbye.

Do peptides make your lips fuller?

Yes, peptides can stimulate collagen production in your lips which can result in increased firmness, volume, and fullness

What does lip peptide do?

Our lip peptide gloss visibly plumps lips by 18% with vegan collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid and moisturizing botanical oils. No pain, no needles, no burning. Want to try for yourself?