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Embarquez pour un voyage glamour avec la collection de cosmétiques tous visages de Buxom. Des produits cosmétiques essentiels pour le visage aux palettes polyvalentes pour les joues, découvrez des fards à joues crème à poudre et des poudres bronzantes infusées d'une base pour une application transparente et un éclat durable.

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    • Best Seller

    Dolly effronté

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    Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars

    Blush repulpant avancé aux peptides de collagène Plump Shot™

    Joues cliniquement repulpées, fard à joues crème-poudre, fini flou et semblable à un filtre.

    • Prix ​​habituel
      USD $36.40
  • Bronzage sur le toit

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    Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars

    Bronzeur Staycation Vibes™

    Poudre bronzante bicolore infusée d'une base.

    • Prix ​​habituel
      USD $36.40

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Discover more about Face Makeup

How To Complete Your Full Face Makeup Look?

Once you’ve applied your skincare and foundation, you need to add a little dimension. And what better way than
with a cream to powder blush and primer infused bronzer. Create a contoured effect with the bronzer and a flush
of color to your cheeks with the blush. And the best part? You can use both products as eyeshadow for a complete

Do You Need An Eye and Cheek Palette?

Listen, an eye and cheek palette can be helpful if you’re a makeup artist, someone who likes to play with several
shades, or you simply love to collect makeup. But for the rest of us, single pots of blush and eyeshadows can work
double duty if you’re willing to have a little fun. Use our cream to powder blush as both a cheek and eye product for
a monochromatic look you won’t believe was achieved with just one product.

What Is A Primer Infused Bronzer

We’re so glad you asked. Our primer infused bronzer is a one-of-a-kind product that provides a sunless tan and a soft blur finish that’s both sweat and humidity proof. It’s basically everything you need for your warm weather vacays and summertime soirees. Plus, each shade is two-toned so you can create a look that’s uniquely you.

Face Makeup FAQs

What are the steps of face makeup?

Depending which method you like to follow, the most common steps to full face makeup include: primer, foundation, concealer, contour, blush, eye makeup, and lips. You could seal the final look with a setting powder or spray and top it off with a dab of highlighter on the highpoints of the face.

What are the benefits of using an eye and cheek palette?

The benefit of using an eye and cheek palette is the number of options you have to play with. You can use the blushes as eye shadows and vice versa to create an infinite number of makeup looks all from just one palette.

What does bronzer do to your face?

Bronzer gives your face warmth and a sun-kissed glow. It can be used on your temples, brow bone, along the hairline and jaw and, of course, across your cheekbones. Bronzer gives you the ultimate “just got back from vacation” vibe.

What's the difference between contour and bronzer?

Bronzers are typically a warmer hue meant to add color to the face, whereas contour is cool-toned and is used to create shadows. You can use both when doing your makeup or you can just use one, depending on the look you want.